MyLeaves brings employee, trainer and employer closer together by making supply and demand for skills concrete


1. Register skills

MyLeaves builds a skills passport with the employee, capturing skills gained from work or education in a generic way. This is enhanced with interests, motivations and personality aspects of the employee.

2. Explore opportunities

By understanding who you are, what you want and what you can do, and comparing this to the skills required by various job profiles, the worker gets a clear picture of how far away or close jobs from different sectors are from them.

3. Compare learning paths

The employee can easily compare the learning paths per job profile, and see concretely which skills still need to be achieved for this type of job.

4. Individual learning path

Through MyLeaves' skill-based training format, skills can be acquired on an individual level, allowing for the creation of a personal training plan.

5. Share your journey with employers

During your journey, the employee can share her profile with employers and after each continuing education, the skills gained are recognized and added to the profile. This allows employers to find the talent early and truly creates a lifelong development opportunity.

Solid foundation for lifelong learning

Even after employment, the profile remains available, and candidates can learn targeted skills to continue to grow.

the MyLeaves web app supports the candidate every step of the way toward a new job.

Tangible progress

Whether tutoring one specific skill or completing an entire course, MyLeaves shows candidates exactly how far along they are and how far they still have to go for that new job.

Helps when needed

Not everyone learns easily. With a clear progression chart, trainers gain insight into candidates' progress and see who could use some help on the path to a new career.